Center raptor breeding and selection

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Acero Falcons

From here we intend to introduce you to our valued birds and we hope you enjoy.

Our breeding center called "Acero Falcons" is located 4 km from the city of Avila and about 120 km from Madrid, at an altitude of 1100 m which provides a cold and dry climate, ideal conditions for breeding raptors.

We work two in the breeding center, my wife Ana and myself.

We are dedicated to the reproduction of different species of birds, all dedicated to falconry such as:

Gyrfalcon, peregrine falcon, saker falcons,  hybrid falcons and Northern goshawks.

All have been genetically selected and come from major breeding centers in Europe, USA and Canada.

We have several years experience as breeders and our goal is to produce high quality hawks and excellent raised, provided this with a lot of care and the most appropriate diet for each species and age.

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Facilities  /  how we work

We have at the moment 40 breading chambers for natural pairs, imprints and young falcons, all with the maximum available space and making them the most comfortable possible, considering the different species reproduced.